Women of Loretto Support Abagail’s Plan (fashion show, dinner and benefit)

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Photos taken by Sandi Pettus.

On Monday, June 1 Nana’s hosted, “Women of Loretto Support Abagail’s Plan” with a fashion show and dinner. The night started with a pasta dinner followed by desserts by Tina Walters from The Palace. The local men of Loretto helped serve dinner and bus tables.

As our 16 models walked down the runway in both dining rooms, a brief bio was given on each of these amazing and talented women. Models wore fashions supplied by Sarah C boutique. The jewelry worn was supplied by Sarah C boutique (Sarah Catherine Roberson), Silpata 925 sterling silver jewelry (Bridgett Neel) and Jicel sterling and gemstone jewelry (Michelle & Eric Lewis). Mott Willis did makeup and Debbie Tidwell did hair touchups.

Nana’s had 74 guests, served about 115 people and raised around $1000 for Abigail’s plan!

Door prizes were supplied by Abigail’s plan, local merchants and gallery artists. Each guest received a bag with various goodies and business cards.

It was a wonderful night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank you to everyone who supported our event and Abigail’s Plan!


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