About Nana’s

Nana’s Pizzeria is located in the newly restored historic 1952 bank building of Loretto.  The building holds special memories for one its co-owners, Nancy Fleming, whose grandfather was a former president of the bank.

Pizzas are all hand-crafted and cooked in Nana’s fabulous fire brick oven. Ante Sekelja, Nana’s other co-owner, who goes by ‘Tony’ uses his own recipe for the pizza crust and has created a delicious variety of pizzas like their Pesto, Alfredo and Margherita.

As you enter the family-friendly restaurant, it welcomes you with its Southern ambiance and old-world charm. As you walk through the restaurant, you’ll notice details like exposed brick and old hardware that were thoughtfully returned to their original condition. The high ceiling in the main dining room offers a spacious dining atmosphere. In the kitchen, a sky light composed of unique clear glass tiles frames the ceiling. The fire brick oven is the focal point of the restaurant beautifully tiled with Nana’s name. Light streams into the restaurant during the day through its massive Romanesque Revival windows. In the bar area, there’s an old bank sorting table turned into a bar and an old fireplace restored to its former glory. In back there’s a screened-in porch which offers a seasonal place to dine with cafe tables and comfortable seating. Upstairs is a unique little art gallery which supports the local artists.

Nana’s has come a long way indeed since its humble beginnings as Loretto Pizza and Videos located on Military Street.


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