Nana’s Name

Nana’s Pizzeria is named in honor of all the women in our lives who’ve nurtured and loved us through everything. These women (related or not) have left a lasting impression by taking special interest in us.

In many languages, there are similar words for ‘Nana’ which means, ‘grandmother’. In our southern culture, some of the names for grandmother are Granny, Mammaw and Big Momma. In our family, we have a Gey (rhymes with key), Dee, and Granny ‘Lizbeth. I know an E-Momma, Meme, Granna, Grammy and Gramma.

Most nanas typically make you feel at home by asking you to come in and stay awhile or offer you a comforting meal. We’d like you to feel that same comfort and hospitality here.

We’d like to honor both our mothers:

Nancy’s mom, Mary Ann Augustin Riddle was known to around Loretto as ‘Nana’. She was an avid gardener and bird watcher. She started the Girl Scouts in Loretto.


Mary Ann Augustin Riddle,
January 18, 1916 to June 23, 2013

Ante’s Mother, Anica Skelja, raised her family in the war-torn area of Croatia, protecting and guarding them as fiercely as any super heroine. She currently resides in Bosnia-Hercegovina.


Anica Skelja
born March 29, 1929

We’d like to invite you to bring a photo of the lady in your life. We’ll hang her picture on our wall, along with Mary Ann and Anica.

Let’s celebrate all the great women in our lives who love us unconditionally!

Nancy Fleming & Tony Skelja
Owners of Nana’s Pizzeria


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